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Tip #1: To keep your natural lashes healthy and promote new growth, we recommend you clean your lashes!

  • Keep them as dry as possible for at least 24 hours. This also includes steam, very hot showers, spas, saunas, direct sun, etc.

  • Oil breaks down adhesive, so if you have an oily complexion, we recommend controlling with blotting papers, oil-free moisturizers, mattifying lotions etc.

  • Only use oil-free products on your face, particularly eye makeup removers and cleansers. 

  • Do not use waterproof or oil-based mascara or eyeliner (felt tip/pen-style liquid liner are okay).

  • Do not use baby wipes/makeup wipes/cotton pads to wipe makeup off.

  • Clean them a few times a week with a foaming lash cleanser. There are specific cleansers and brushes for eyelash extension aftercare.

  • Do not play with, rub or pull out your lashes. Pulling out your lashes can cause permanent damage to your natural lashes.

  • Do not try to remove them yourself – as it may damage your natural lashes. We can remove them for you professionally if you wish.

  • Do not put strip lashes on top of lash extensions.

Tip #2: How do I clean eyelash extensions - Step by Step

  • Remove all eye-makeup using an oil and glycol-free makeup remover. If taking off eyeliner, use a cotton tip dipped in remover and wipe it across your lid, or away from the lid. Never towards the extensions. Don’t use cotton balls as you’ll get into a furry mess, as they will catch on the bases of the extensions.

  • If you are wearing heavy foundation, remove this too before washing eyes, using your cleanser of choice but AVOIDING the eye area. Some cleansers contain oil, particularly cream cleansers and ‘cleansing oils’.

  • Wet your eyes with cool water. Take a very small amount of a lash shampoo and lather it up on your palm. Apply this to both eyes, one at a time, splashing it over them. Don’t rub them like you’re washing hair though; just gently splash it over your closed eyes. If your eyes still feel grubby, repeat.

  • Rinse it off and dab them gently dry. It doesn’t matter if they are a little damp, stuck together with water etc., when you brush them they will re-separate.

  • Use your lash wand to very gently twirl through them and fan them back out.

  • Do this 2-3 times per week.

Tip #3: What is normal?

  • Immediately after the lash application, some individuals with sensitivities can experience minor redness and dry eye.  We try to minimize this where possible, so we will ask if you are sensitive beforehand. In most cases, this disappears within an hour or so and there’s no need to worry. Of course, call us if you are concerned.

  • It’s normal lose a couple of lashes every day (1-5). Don’t be alarmed if you notice them from time to time (as they are much larger than your natural lashes). The extension falls out attached to the natural lash when it is ready to come out, and a new baby lash takes its place. Some days you won’t lose any, other days you might lose 3 or 4. It’s completely normal and does not mean your eyelashes are all going to fall out!

  • Some lash growth cycles are faster than others. You may find every few months, your lashes shed faster than other times. It usually means that you have a lot of new growth, and when you come in we will see a lot more lashes we can lash! Other times they might still look great at 4 or 5 weeks, as they have not shed much.

  • No two sets of lashes are identical. We customize the styling, sizes, weights and curls to every individuals eye shape, natural lash condition and tastes. Each style looks different depending on how own eye shape. So please be aware that your lashes will not look identical to your friends, even if you request the same thing.

  • Expect between 2 – 3 weeks before you need an infill. On average, our clients come back every 3 weeks.  Sets consisting of more lashes (glam and volume) will usually last longer than those will less (full, lite).  Shorter lashes usually last longer too.

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