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Professional Eyelash Training Course in Vancouver



✓ Master the Art of the Perfect Eyelash Extension

✓ Eliminate the Guesswork with Precise Processing Times

✓ Unlock the Science Behind Flawless Lash Lift & Lash         Extension 

✓ Gain a Thorough Understanding of the Fundamentals

✓ Discover Our Fail-Safe Lash Lift & Lash Extension   Techniques

Learn How to Achieve the Perfect Lash Lift

Elevate your expertise as a lash artist with Tiffany Nguyen! 


Whether you're a beginner or experienced lash artist, our training will provide you with the knowledge and techniques to consistently achieve beautiful and long-lasting lash lift & eyelash extension applications. We eliminate guesswork by offering fail-safe methods, empowering you to confidently serve your clients.


Distinguish yourself from competitors not only through your exceptional lash lift & lash extension work but also through your certification as a Certified and Accredited Eyelash Extension & Lash Lift Artist upon training completion.

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Eyelash Extension


Eyelash Science


Understanding the science will help you develop critical thinking and problem-solving in order to make informed decisions. Learn about the natural lashes, hair anatomy and the chemical process of lash extension $ lash lift systems



Creating a unique atmosphere and experience to standout from the competition, and keep clients coming back

Eyelash extension Fill


Learn how to do eyelash extensions fill as a maintenance appointment that typically occurs every two to three weeks after clients getting a Full Set of eyelash extension. 

Health and Safety


Keep you and your clients safe by minimizing the possibility of infections and injuries. Learn about site and personal safety, decontamination practices, health inspections, contraindications, and reactions.



A comprehensive understanding of the purpose of each product used in the service will enable you to use them confidently and effectively communicate their benefits to the client.



Confidently and safely relax lashes that have been previously processed or over processed. Learn how to relax lashes from start to finish. Each step is broken down into microsteps and explained in detail.

Client Care


Build trust with clients through screening, consultations, client preparations and aftercare. Learn how to handle and uphold professionalism when handling client complaints.


Lash Lift and Tint


Transform natural lashes into beautifully lifted and tinted lashes. Learn how to perform a lash lift and tint from start to finish. Each step is broken down into microsteps and explained in detail.



Organize and set up your studio in a manner that is both safe and efficient. Learn about ergonomics and workspace set up and teardown.


Our trainings are hands-on and one on one support.  

After being certified,  we suggest to practice for a minimum of 2 months before taking on clients.


Classic In-Person Training

This course is designed for beginner lash artists, which includes a comprehensive coverage of the basics of lash extensions application and theory. Upon certification, students will be prepared to step into the industry equipped with all the skills and tools necessary.​

Price: $1,200

Deposit: $300 

Includes: Lash Kit (3-6 month supply), Training Book & Course Completion Certificate  

Duration: 3 days (one week day, per week) 

Time: 11am to 4Pm

Requirements​: Students must provide practice models on the second day of the course. We can help you find a model for $50.00 and requests for models must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.  To receive a pass of your certification, it is required to demonstrate on live models. 

Russian Volume In-Person Training

Our Russian Volume Lashes Course will teach you how to safely and successfully create the celebrity driven Volume Lash Extension treatments. Building upon the skills you may have acquired through completing the classic eyelash training, our Russian Volume Lash Extensions course advances these skills.

Price: $1500.00

Deposit: $500.00

Includes: Volume Lash Kit (3-6 month supply),  Training Book & Course Completion Certificate 

Duration: 3 days (one week day, per week) 

Time: 11am to 4Pm

Course contents: ​3D and 12 fans, Russian & Mega Volume, Mapping, Tweezer techniques, Quality fan creation, How to gauge weight, How to fill & different techniques for filling, How to correctly use adhesive in form and amount, The difference between Russian and Mega Volume, Determine lash lengths and when to use

Requirements​: Same as Classic Training

Lash Lift In-Person Training

In this Lash Lift training, you will learn the art of lash lifting & tinting, bottom lash lift, lash botox 8, and fixing damaged lash from other salons.

Price: $800 
Deposit: $300 
Includes: Lash kit (3-6 month supply)

Requirements: You will need to bring 2 models. The first model will be starting at 10am and the second one at 2pm. At the end of the day (6pm), you will receive your lash lift certificate. The training takes 1 business day.

LESSON 1: Introduction, treatments & procedure, sanitization and allergies. 

LESSON 2: Eyelash assessment & eyelash classification, multilayered lashes. & wownward lashes, types of shields, neutralising cream, placements, palette set up & sachets.

LESSON 3: Lash preparation, glue usage , eyelash wrapping, lifting solution application, time sheets, lash check control & solution removal.

LESSON 4: Eyelash tint, eyelash wash, hydrating serum, lashbotox.

LESSON 5: Bottom lash lift, after care instructions, products overview


To be come equipped with all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to begin practicing your Lash Lift / Lash Extension techniques for at least 3-5 models a weeks for 2 months before start your own business.


Send the photos & video to Chic Lash for assessment at the end of each month. Contact us if you have any questions as we will continue supporting you for 3 months after done your course!



Email at or call at 604-360-9308


Fee and deposits can be paid with credit cards or Interact E-transfer to email Full payment is required before course start date. All payments are non-refundable. If you need to postpone your trainings, your payment will become a course credit to be applied on a future course.

Cancellations must be made two weeks prior to start date. No shows will not receive refunds or credits.​

Taxes are included in the course price.

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