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Lash Lift Shields



Color : green , pink, purple 

Pack of 4 sizes mix S-M-L-XL


Bottom shields $15 

Color: green , pink , purple 

Pack of 3 size A-B-C shields


These shields are their own category, they are not traditionally flat nor round but rather a combination of both worlds, providing us a HIGH Flat shield hybrid. They are made out of soft silicone.


The unique shape and the height of the shields allow them to be used for absolutely all eye types, you don’t need to think twice which shield is the perfect one for the client as they would all work and provide an amazing curl each time! 

To create the perfect curve for every lash lift these silicone pads come in 4 different sizes. Selecting the correct shield size is very important in creating the desired look for your clients. Don't forget to spend extra time during consultation to get all required information. 


Directions: After each use immediately clean with warm water and soap followed by alcohol wash to complete the sanitization.


 Pick up in store at 2115 commercial drive 

shipping : minimum order 50+ pack only( whole sell price) 


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