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Eyebrow Waxing 

Eyebrow waxing is a method of removing unwanted hair, either as a cold or hot wax to make a desired shape for your brows.


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Lip and Chin Waxing

Lips and chin hair waxing services for women who want to remove those naughty stray hairs. Waxing the upper lip every few weeks will ensure that no one will want to look away from your super bright and mesmerising lip shade.



Eyebrows Threading 


Brows threading is traditional way by using the thread to remove the hairs . Your technician  will design your brows’s shape to matching with your face to have a beautiful clean brows look !

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Paraffin for Hands or Feet 

Natural emollient, helping make skin supple and soft. When applied to the skin, it adds moisture and continues to boost the moisture levels of the skin after the treatment is complete. It can also help open pores and remove dead skin cells.


Head massage 30 mins 

A head massage may help relieve stress and reduce tension. It may also ease migraine or headache pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation to your head and neck, and promote hair growth.

Headache is a highly prevalent ailment that almost everyone faces. However, by applying the proper pressure to specific pain points, a good head massage is beneficial in soothing the symptoms of stress-induced headaches and migraines. A head massage helps improve blood flow to the brain as well.

We all are aware that massages are deeply connected to the idea of relaxing ourselves. Whether one is getting a deep tissue massage or even a simple shoulder rub, the external stimulus through a head massage benefits our general health and well-being, including heightened feelings of emotional relaxation and wellness. 

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Half Arms Waxing

Waxed arms provide a sleek look for people whose body image needs to be flawless or need their bodies to be more aerodynamic . Waxed arms also make it more hygienic for trainers or people who regularly exercise. Clothes feel better after removing your arm hair if you have a lot.


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Half Legs Waxing

Half leg wax removes hair from just above the knee all the way down to the toes if desired. This is great option for preparing your legs for skirts, longer shorts and sandal season.



Full Legs Waxing

A full leg wax commonly comprises hair removal from the top of thighs to the base of the ankles (front and back). A half leg wax typically eliminates hair from either just above the knees to the ankles, or from the thighs to above the knees (front and back).


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Brazillian Waxing

With a Brazilian wax, pubic hair is groomed and removed from the front of the pubic bone, around the external genitals, between the upper thighs, and around the anus. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to remove all hair in the area or leave a small strip of hair in the front.



Brazilian Maintenance Waxing

It doesn't matter if you have been waxed before, if you are new to us, then you are considered a Brazilian. However, when you reschedule within 6 weeks, then you are considered a maintenance, and you will always be charged maintenance price.




Chest Waxing

Hair removal from the neck down to the wait line, which includes the stomach.


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Back Waxing

Hair removal from the waist to the base of the neck and shoulder line. Basic Eyebrow Wax. Grooming for the eyebrows by waxing stray hairs for a clean look. Includes waxing only and does not include any detail work such as tweezing or trimming.




Bikini Line Waxing

Bikini waxing is the removal of pubic hair using a special wax, which can be hot or cold, that adheres to hairs and pulls them out when the wax is removed quickly from the skin, usually with a cloth strip. While the practice is mainly associated with women, male waxing is sometimes done to remove men's pubic hair.


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Full Body Waxing

In full body waxes, the best hair removal products are put to use to make the body completely hair-free and soft to the touch, leaving virtually no area untouched and ensuring a uniform texture in all parts of the skin. Excludes brazilian waxing.


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European Facial

A facial is a spa therapy and massage that leaves your skin cleaner, softer, younger, and truly transformed. Facials can help clear clogged pores, quench parched skin and remove dead cells. Facials involve some massage which aids in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


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